Lightyears Nova

Concept: In the culture surrounding the electric guitar, particular instruments have stood out over time because they have exhibited characteristics that ‘struck a chord’ with players. Whether it was a tone, a look or a feel… these iconic elements have come to define what we consider to be the best of, and love about, the guitars we play.

The Lightyears Nova® is the result of a design process aimed at creating an instrument that brings together many of these features in a unique guitar that is tonally versatile, has exceptional sustain, is lightweight and extremely playable.

Neck: The Nova is based on a 12″ radius, 25″ fret scale with a neck block that extends from the headstock to a point behind the bridge. The tuners, pickups, tremolo and spring claw are all mounted in the same piece of wood. This removes the element of string tension from the neck/body joint giving the guitar noticeable sustain. A unique mounting system involving no screws or glue-joint allows the neck to be removed from the body in a matter of seconds without unstringing the guitar. Finally, the neck has a special finish that, unlike lacquer or polyurethane, gives it a friction free smoothness that mimics the feel of many years of playing wear.

Body: The neck mounts in a cavity in the hollow-carved body that is lightweight and ergonomic with a face mount jack and a modular pickguard/control panel. It comes in custom paint colors or a natural wood sunburst finish.

Electronics: The Nova comes stock with Seymour Duncan P-rail pickups. This pickup pairs a rail single coil with a P-90 to make a versatile Humbucker that is a veritable Swiss Army Knife of tones. The coil selection is controlled by small switches on the pickup mounting rings. The Seymour Duncan ‘Triple Shot Mounting Rigs’ allow for the selection of single coil, P-90, Humbucking series and parallel settings. The control panel on the pickguard has a volume and two tone controls with a three-way position switch for neck, bridge, and neck/bridge settings. The switching on the Triple Shot Mounting rings allow for unique coil combination with the position switch in the middle setting. Emerson Pro CTS pots and CLR swithces along with  switchcraft jacks round out the electronics.

Hardware: The Nova comes standard with a Mannmade tremolo and Planet Waves locking tuners.

These guitars are designed to play and sound as good as a guitar can for players that know and appreciate the difference.